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Hospitality to the residents of Three Sixty West will be managed by The Ritz-Carlton

A personalized approach curated to pamper every desire and to create a timeless experience.

24-Hour Concierge Services In Addition To
Dedicated On-Site Professionals

Luxury Handled with Care

on call,
round the clock.

World class gourmet experience, designed by
the finest chefs, including a dial-a-chef service.

Personalized housekeeping committed to provide flawless hospitality.

Best in class wellness
provided by the signature spa

The project, Three Sixty West has been registered vide MahaRERA registration number: P51900012115, the details whereof are available on the website under registered projects. Three Sixty West is not owned, developed, marketed or sold by The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, L.L.C. or its affiliates ("Ritz-Carlton"). The developers of the project have been granted limited use of the mark, “The Ritz-Carlton” under an agreement with Marriott Hotels India Private Limited, who have not confirmed the accuracy of any of the statements or representations made herein.
Certain hotel-type services and amenities, such as room service, will not be available to the Residential Project until the hotel is opened.